The Synopsis

A supernatural conspiracy thriller, the SNARE takes us from Babylonian archaeological digs to the heart of the European corporate and banking systems.

A brilliant and promising economist lands a job beyond his wildest dreams, ‘in very hard times’! We soon discover that the multinational business empire is doing the Devil’s work and the young economist is not alone in their claws. Many nations and even the whole world are also being ensnared.

Meanwhile secret tablets are discovered during an Archaeological dig in ancient Babylonia. These tablets have precisely predicted the world events and what has now become our political history for the past twenty five centuries. The prediction further reveals a countdown to the most cataclysmic events this world has ever experienced.

The Snare holds shocking unveiling, which would stagger the imagination as it hatches into secret panoramic agenda of powers controlling the affairs of our world, causing darkness, chaos, hate, and leading our world towards this final countdown.

Like a Snare, their dreadful climatic plans are encroaching and the only way out depends on the speed and accuracy at which these tablets are translated and the world is made aware of this way of escape. The evil camp is fighting hard to prevent this from happening.